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Business Training / Services

Business Training Services – Unlocking the Potential of Your People

At Vital Spark we passionately believe in the value of investing in business training workshops to develop your team’s professional learning.

Business Training and skills investment is about nurturing and developing your people, helping them to perform to their full potential and providing them with greater job satisfaction by being better at what they do.

It can also lead to higher rates of employee retention.

It’s also key to giving your company a sharp, professional edge which can help you outperform your competitors.

These business training workshops equip you and your staff with a set of essential skills which they’ll use every day, no matter what functional department they work in.

Research shows that firms which invest in business training reap the benefits in terms of improved productivity and better sales. In fact, according to the: “IBM Smarter Workforce (Kenexa) 2013 Survey”, CEOs ranked “People Skills” in the top 4 “External forces impacting the enterprise”.

The survey revealed that 84% of employees in best performing organizations are receiving the training they need, compared with 16% in the worst performing companies.




Vital Spark’s Business Training Workshops

At Vital Spark we offer Business Training Services via workshops that can be tailored to your exact needs.

Our most popular Business Training workshops provided to our clients include the following:

Or if you have specific business training requirement, please contact Vital Spark and we will be pleased to build a bespoke workshop around your exact needs.

Call Vital Spark today to speak to us about any of our courses – or about building a bespoke business training together for your team on 07771 573 180.


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What our clients say...

“Karen Froud-Murray of Vital Spark Consultancy presented our Receptionist Training for White Cross Vets’ 2nd Congress.  It took place over a full day and was an interactive session with our Group Receptionists.  Karen was very professional and made the training enjoyable.  Each part of the session made you think about the role you play as part of the White Cross team, and how you could adapt to improve.

I would highly recommend Karen and would definitely invite her to present for us in the future.”

Karen Lawrence
Administraton Manager
White Cross Vets


“Karen is professional and customer-centric. She has a positive, forward-thinking attitude and is an excellent trainer. Whether working on a one to one basis or with groups Karen inspires others to achieve their very best.”

Wendy M