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Time Management

How can I improve my time management skills?

This Time Management course is aimed at busy professional business people who want to make better use of their time and achieve even more in a given time period. The skills and techniques covered in this course are considered essential skills for anyone in a business supervisory/managerial position.  It is especially suitable for new recruits to your business, first-time sales people, or to existing teams whose performance and profitability needs improvement.

Workshop objectives

  • Understand your current time robbers
  • Proven methods to control and manage your time
  • Become even more effective and efficient
  • Tools and tips to ensure that each day is productive
  • Improve your personal productivity


  • Introduction and objectives for today
  • Benefits of improved time management – discussion
  • What do we mean by effective and efficient?
  • What tools do you currently use to manage your time and workloads?
  • Analysis of pre-work on how individuals’ time is spent currently
  • Understand the 80% – 20% rule
  • Learning from your log
  • The use of prioritised ‘To do’ lists
  • Using the “Urgent/Important Matrix” (using time effectively, not just efficiently)
  • Managing and prioritising emails and phone calls
  • Prioritising your work
  • Managing interruptions and distractions (what is not covered above)
  • Personal Time Management Action Plan


Number of delegates: up to 10
This is a very practical ‘hands-on’ workshop, utilising real data and information on your business.   Some preparatory work needs to be completed for this course 2-4 weeks before the date of the workshop.

Duration: 1 day.

What our customers said

“Training and development of staff is key to the progress of any organisation. Vital Spark has developed bespoke individual training for our team members, which is ensuring that we are able to identify strengths and weaknesses of each team member thereby maximising an individual’s full potential within their natural communications styles.

The personal approach taken by Karen is rare in today’s climate and we are hopeful working long term with Karen on this approach with staff will support our company’s aims and objectives for the future.”

Hayward Medical Communications

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What our clients say...

“Karen, your training course definitely exceeded my expectations, and was above and beyond the standard of previous courses I have attended. Your spirit and personality together with the sensitivity you show towards learning needs and goals make for a fantastic few weeks! I would without a doubt recommend anyone to attend your training.”

Course Delegate