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Coaching: Focus on the Process

GROW model

There are different processes that coaches use. The most popular one, however, is the GROW model. This is used in practical use in our coaching workshop.

The option step is also called the obstacle step because this is also the time to consider obstacles and ways to overcome them to reach goals as the team considers options.

Case study

Laura and Sam were part of a sales team. They had difficulty communicating with each other because of a long-standing rivalry. The tension between them was creating a stressful dynamic within the team. Henry, the team coach, decided to address the issue. He began by practicing active listening with each one of them individually. After talking to them, he discovered that Laura believed that Sam had no respect for her, and Sam was annoyed that Laura was his closest competition since he had worked on the team for twice the time. He then decided to meet with both of them.

A real example is shown below:


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What our clients say...

“I’d just like to thank you for your amazing work last week, after spending four days putting my training into action, I’ve had a most successful week. What an enormous difference a few strategically placed questions to certain people make”.

Territory manager for Agricultural wholesaler

“Great person to work with, would recommend her services any day. Certainly opened my eyes to various techniques that have given me more confidence when approaching people, and the ability to turn this into sales.”

Naomi Jarman