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Coaching: The Role

“A manager is a title, it does not guarantee success. Coaching is an action, not a title and actions will result in successes!”

Catherine Pulsifier

Coaches need to be prepared to take on the roles and responsibilities of the job. Whether you are a coach manager or specialist, you must embrace the confidence and build the connections necessary to do the job. A successful coach will also need to communicate effectively and be able to focus in on the coaching process.

Be confident

A coach needs to help instill confidence in others, but this is difficult to do if coaches lack confidence themselves. Confidence is an attitude that will bring success when combined with drive, focus, and enthusiasm. There are a few ways that you can build confidence:

You have probably heard the saying “fake it till you make it.” There are some characteristics of confident people that you can imitate. Knowing these characteristics will also help you identify it in others and also in yourself.

Characteristics of confident people:

Build connections

Building connections with team members and between team members is an essential part of a coach’s job. The easiest way to build connections is through finding common ground. Common ground can be as basic as sharing the same goals or enjoying the same activities. Begin coaching relationships by telling personal stories that are not too revealing. As you find common ground, your connection with the team will grow.

Help the team build connections among themselves using similar techniques. As you grow your connections, you will develop trust and loyalty within the team. This trust will require effective communication techniques to develop.


Coaches need to be aware of their communication styles. (see our CAFÉ model in One very important part of coaching and business is “Active Listening”. This method of communication has some very specific aspects:

Remember to pay close attention to your body language and break down any barriers to communication that you may have.

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What our clients say...

“Karen Froud-Murray has mentored me in my current role of Regional Sales Manager for over two years. As with any role involving people management and leadership, there have been various situations where it has been necessary to seek advice from a third party:  luckily for me that was Karen. Karen’s mentoring skills are excellent and she really makes you challenge yourself and the way that you think about situations, ensuring that the skills and attributes required to be a strong leader are continually developed. Karen is energetic and persistent in her approach, she encourages and fosters an environment of self-development and self-discovery and she has played a fundamental role in my development as a Regional Sales Manager and leader.”

Jane, Regional Sales Manager