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Following up With a Customer Once You Have Addressed Their Issue

“Customer satisfaction is worthless. Customer loyalty is priceless.”

Jeffrey Gitomer

The difference between having a customer who is satisfied and a customer who will remain loyal can be determined in the steps you take to follow-up with that customer. Once you have resolved a customer’s issue, before you end the transaction, take a moment to summarize for the customer what the issue was and what the resolution was as well. Ask the customer if the situation is resolved and how you may further assist them.

Call the Customer

If a customer thinks the situation is resolved and it appears to be so, imagine how they would feel if after you end your interaction with them the problem occurs again. In addition to maintaining a positive relationship between the company and the customer, it’s a good idea to follow up later and make sure their issue is still resolved. It’s also a good way to show that you genuinely care about your customer’s circumstances.

Send the Customer an Email

Some companies prefer that you do not call a customer to follow up. Another option is to send the customer a follow up email. Try to let at least 24 hours pass before doing so, to allow time for a problem to re-occur. Another advantage of sending an email is that it can be less time consuming than a phone call.

Mail the Customer a Small Token

When a customer has gone through a difficult challenge, a small token such as a gift certificate or a coupon can help ease a bad memory. Make sure that whatever you send is appropriate and within your company’s policies.

Snail-Mail a Handwritten or Typed Letter

A letter sent through the mail has an added advantage of allowing time to pass between the initial interaction and the moment your customer receives your letter. This period in between allows a customer to be certain that an issue has been resolved. A handwritten letter is also a good personal touch that gives customers a sense that they are cared for as individuals.

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