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Management Training

Management Training


Today’s managers and leaders will be working harder and need to work SMARTER to be able to provide the skills, guidance, and empowerment to their teams. Being a successful manager means having a wide range of skills, and through improving their leadership, coaching and motivational techniques, they can produce fantastic results with their team. Sometimes, being a successful manager may also include knowing when to let somebody go, despite all the help and support.

Learn the difference between a manager and leader, and how to get better at both: to quote Stephen Covey: Management is efficiency in climbing the ladder of success; leadership determines whether the ladder is leaning against the right wall.”

With experience in sales and marketing management in 3 major blue chip companies over the course of the last quarter of a century, Vital Spark is best placed to offer workshops, consultancy, and coaching on leadership and management in both sales and marketing.

We can deliver workshops that are practical, insightful, and useful, and can be put into action right away, to develop new or existing sales management or marketing teams to perform even better.



Leadership Skills

The two-day leadership workshop is one of our most popular workshops.

We use a model, very similar to the “situational model” developed by Blanchard, called “strategic leadership style indicator using a proven 360° on-line assessment tool. This identifies – through a series of questions – how an individual would manage certain situations. Would they: tell, coach, relate or delegate? The ideal leader and manager can do all four in equal measures at the right time!

This is then used in the leadership workshop to

  • Identify the preferred leadership/management style
  • Advise on how to adapt that style to different team members (depending on their growth phase level: are they new to a specific task, or can they do it standing on their heads?)
    and to different situations (even with the same people, you may need different styles!).

Feedback is collated in a simple on-line assessment from: peers, team members, bosses, and themselves, and participants come away from the workshop with 17-page workbook report.


Coaching Skills

Research from the International Personnel Management Association suggests that ‘ordinary training’ typically increases productivity by 22%, while training combined with coaching increases productivity by 88%.

As an ex sales manager of many teams, I know that coaching is key to success.   Time spent in the field sales coaching, or over the phone, or developing specific skills will make all the difference to your business effectiveness and success. However coaching is a necessary part of every progressive manager’s and company’s culture.

The major benefit of coaching is that you are highly likely to see quick, positive results. This is because good coaching is participative, and people generally learn and adopt new habits more easily when they are actively engaged in the learning process. Coaching done well is very motivational to the individual.

Our coaching workshops use the world famous “GROW” coaching model, and the four key stages of the model: Goal, Reality, Options, and Will. We ask participants to come prepared with real situations, to discuss and practise real challenges and coaching opportunities in a safe environment. Throughout the workshop, participants learn how to give and receive feedback, through role plays and self assessments on key areas. In the role plays, we work in sub groups of 3, where each person plays the coach, the coachee, and the observer (i.e. coach the coach), and the trainer oversees the whole process and gives feedback.


Psychometric Profiling 

Stephen Covey says “seek first to understand then be understood”. As part of this process we have various tools and assessments we use to understand individuals’ strengths and development areas.

As well as being an NLP Practitioner, Karen is a trained Thomas International Psychometric Testing Associate, using the “Thomas DISC” model which can be used to recruit and/or develop individuals and teams, by highlighting their strengths and development areas, allowing personalised training plans to be put in place.

For managers and leaders, one important aspect of understanding individuals and teams is to look at different ways of communicating in the professional context: we need to ensure we communicate in behavioural terms, i.e. using language based on things people can see and hear (e.g. not “Michael looks grumpy today” – that’s subjective and can be misinterpreted).

The Psychometric Profiling workshop uses the DISC model to help participants become more self-aware, well-rounded and effective leaders, allowing them to manage more effectively, facilitate better teamwork and minimize team conflict.


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What our clients say...

“Karen is a very enthusiastic and goal orientated Sales Professional. She has great experience of sales and sales management, sales training and coaching for results and I am very happy to recommend her work.”

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