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Understanding your Selling Style

selling style

Understanding your Selling Style WorkshopUnderstanding your Selling Style

In sales you should always aim to stay one step ahead of your competition.  “One size” of selling definitely does not fit all, so to improve personal sales effectiveness and gain more sales, self-awareness and flexibility by identifying and adapting your selling style is key to success.

This half-day, highly interactive, informative and fun workshop entitled “Understanding your Selling Style”, which also forms the basis of many other Vital Spark sales and business workshops, is designed to further increase sales effectiveness and performance.

There is no right or wrong style – just learning to adapt will increase sales force effectiveness.


  • Objectives of the Understanding your Selling Style workshop
  • Communication fun energiser
  • What is a selling style?
  • Understand the 4 different styles:
  • Identify different personalities that you are most like.
  • Are you:  Direct and Goal getting;  Spirited and Enthusiastic;  Considerate and Facilitating;  or Systematic and Analytical?
  • Understand the strengths and weakness of each of the 4 styles, or the combination of styles
  • Complete a self-awareness questionnaire and identify your own selling style
  • Understand the Strengths and Trouble Spots of each selling style
  • Tips to identify the type of buyer you are selling to – using verbal and visual clues
  • Adapt your style to selling to all four of the different styles of your buyers
  • Adapt your body language and verbal style to the 4 selling styles
  • Personal analysis on recent sales situations, and applying what you have learnt
  • Personal action plan

The Sales Style Indicator can assist you to do the following:

  • Identify your basic Sales Style of responding to prospects, clients and sales tasks
  • Gain self-understanding, self-acceptance, and greater understanding and acceptance of others.
  • Identify the consequences and/or strengths of your selling style when relating with your prospects and clients
  • Identify your typical reactions to sales stress and pressure and learn how to compensate for your weaknesses
  • Better understand the buying style tendencies of your clients and learn to interact with them more effectively
  • Learn how to build rapport successfully and quickly with your clients, potential clients, and others
  • Increase harmony and productivity by sharing a common language when talking with others about the style behaviours that are more effective or productive in various sales situations
  • Determine your preferred selling style and work environment, to select more intentionally the best sales role, structure and responsibilities for you
  • Gain an understanding of human behaviour that you can use to ease tension and promote harmony in relationships with prospects and clients and in your interactions with your fellow workers
  • Develop a plan to increase your Sales Style flexibility and effectiveness during sales calls with prospects and clients and in your interactions with team members
  • Facilitate sales team development through the careful assessment of team-member strengths and weaknesses


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What our clients say...

“Training and development of staff is key to the progress of any organisation. Vital Spark has developed bespoke individual training for our team members, which is ensuring that we are able to identify strengths and weaknesses of each team member thereby maximising an individual’s full potential within their natural communications styles.

The personal approach taken by Karen is rare in today’s climate and we are hopeful working long term with Karen on this approach with staff will support our company’s aims and objectives for the future.”

Hayward Medical Communications